How to detect FENTANILS?

Fentanyls testing is a necessity before use of each and every dose (of e.g. heroin). 

Tests presumptively indicate PRESENCE, but not PURITY or QUANTITY. A positive or negative test result does not mean, that the substance is safe. No substance is 100% safe.

Fentanyls are synthetic opioids too often found in street drugs, from 50 to 100 more potent than heroin. Because of extreme potency, they are never evenly mixed in, which contributes to the growing number of overdoses.


For harm reduction purposes:

#1 Tesll all of your substance (dissolve all* for testing and reclaim later by evaporating on a wide flat dish)
*To avoid false positives 100-200mg should be dissolved in minimum 125ml (half a cup) of water
#2 If you inject you need to test each and every injection. It’s best to test the spoon (cooker) residue
  1. When injection is ready, set needle aside and wait. Test each dose before use.
  2. Fill the spoon (or cooker) with clean, preferably distilled water (1ml or 1/4 of a spoon is enough).
  3. Using clean end of the needle stir water inside the spoon (or cooker).
  4. Grab the test strip by the blue end and dip it into the liquid not further than up to the blue line.
  5. Wait until the liquid stops visibly moving up the test strip (+- 15 seconds).
  6. Set the test strip aside on flat surface and read the result after 2 minutes. See “Testing Procedure”
#3 Test urine for fentanyls presence inside a body within the last 72 hours

For forensic purposes:

#1 Powders, crystals and tablets
  1. Use a spatula to carefully gather a small sample.
  2. Add water-soluble sample to Test Buffor Bottle (Water).
  3. Close the bottle and shake gently before proceeding.

#2 Liquids, dust and surfaces

  1. Use a swab-end of the spatula to carefully gather a small sample.
  2. Remove the cotton inside the Test Buffer Bottle.
  3. Close the bottle and shake gently before proceeding.

#3 Hardly soluble material (e.g. opium)

  1. Add substance to a solvent, e.g. alcohol and dissolve by stirring
  2. Add 5 drops of the solvent do Test Buffer Bottle (Water)
  3. Close the bottle and shake gently before proceeding.



Place the test strip in Test Buffer Bottle (water) up to the blue arrows. When dye starts moving up the test strip you can remove it and read the result. Two strips mean no fentanyls, and a single upper strip means fentanyls presence.


Reagents required for testing opioids are available in the HEROIN Test Kit. If you want to detect an admixture of fentanyls, test heroin (or other street drugs) using test strips. To detect all adulterants try a TLC Kit or laboratory analysis.



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