The best drug safety testing kits, only at SIN

SIN Test Kits are designed by SIN, a non-profit NGO dedicated to harm reduction and drug policy reform.
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About SIN

Our goal is safer and better nightlife. We provide necessary assistance, education, trainings and analyze the safety of substances. Practical and trustworthy knowledge is the best weapon against harmful effects of psychoactive substances and their criminalization.

Harm Reduction

The best way to avoid substance risk is to avoid using, however, that’s not always possible. Some people will undertake risky behaviors no matter the legal status, and the most efficient way to reduce harm is by providing nonjudgemental help and means to improve safety.

Test It!

SIN Test Kits are the same presumptive tests that are used by police for testing powders, crystals, blotters (paper) and liquids. Reagents react with different colors to e.g. MDMA (“Ecstasy”), LSD (“acid”), cocaine, levamisole, mephedrone, meth/amphetamine, ketamine, fentanyl or heroin.