Joint Filters Rolls Air (x80)


Rolls Smart Filters DO NOT filter out THC, unlike activated carbon filters.

☯ Easy to roll
☯ Cooling System
☯ Elimination of waste
☯ Set of rolling pads and stickers


Joint filters Rolls Air


Joint filters Rolls Smart Filters VIP XL Pack –  Air is a new collection of the modern generation of filters, in “colors of air”. Smart Filters neutralize considerably more harmful substances resulting from smoking a joint than regular filters. They also feature an innovative smoke “cooler”. Additionally, small holes in the top part of a Rolls Smart Filter create pressure, making rolling paper stick perfectly to the filter. Their size design was designed to make rolling a joint easy and pleasant. These four qualities make Rolls stand out from other filters available on the market. Each VIP XL Pack contains 80 filters available at the palm of your hand.


☯ Unique laser technology created “cooler” allows smoke to regulate in temperature, so you can enjoy your herbal mixture.
☯ The holes in the top part create a vacuum around the perimeter of the filter and the mixture always has “great draught”.
☯ When used correctly Rolls are able to eliminate most impurities and can stop many more harmful substances passing through than normal filters.
☯ Rolls are designed in an optimal size, they are easy to roll and easy to hold, wrap 1/2 of the filter inside the rolling paper and continue as usual.

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Joint Filters Rolls Smart Filters
Joint Filters Rolls Smart Filters


Why joint filters Rolls Air are the best joint filters?



Cannabis smoke is 90% tar and only 10% THC. It’s also not always know what exactly is being combusted in a joint. A lot of cannabis on the market is contaminated with pests (e.g. spider mites and their eggs), pesticides, or mildew. On top of that, some growers and distributors spray dry product with a highly concentrated sugar solution like Brix, to dry afterward and increase weight by 10-15%. Dishonest dealers for the same reason as sugar (table, fructose, glucose, etc.) or Brix also use starch and other common household substances.


“Cracking” and ash turning into stone. Smoke can caramelize on the way to lungs and contribute to a lung collapse. Joint filters provide a necessary additional protective barrier for the body.

Brix Weed
Brix Weed


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