Froehde Reagent x 30-150


Buy cheap Froehde reagent drug checking test kit. Perfect to test MDMA for 5-APB or 6-APB or Ketamine for Deschloroketamine, N-Ethylnorketamine, MXE and over 200 different substances.

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A drug checking kit for 30-150 tests with FROEHDE reagent. The test kit can be used both at home and in a field. The same kind of tests is used by police. The SIN test kits provide exceptional precision compared to single-reagent tests.

30-150 tests – Froehde Reagent:

  • Instruction.
  • Testing vials.
  • Bottle of a reagent test Froehde.
  • Color reaction booklet for 300+ substances.

How to use reagents in a testing vial?
Be careful! The test contains corrosive reagents. Avoid reaction fumes and skin touch.


  1. Follow the instruction to pick a reagent and open carefully.
  2. Place a sample of your substance, not bigger than a drop of water, in a testing vial.
  3. Immediately observe colors of the reaction with the flier. Reaction lasts up to 60 seconds.
  4. Close the testing vial carefully – a corrosive substance is inside.
  5. A tested sample becomes contaminated. Clean the testing vial thoroughly or dispose of safely.

Warning! Each color reaction indicates:

  • The presence of a substance (usually the one with the darkest reaction)
  • Purity
  • Quantity
  • Adulterants (exception: the more reagents you use, the bigger the chance one will react with an adulterant)
  • The presence of a most abundant substance.

Color reaction database HERE  or in the free mobile app “Bunk Leaks”. Pilot movie by Energy Control experts HERE.

Warning: Reagents are corrosive causing damage to skin and eyes. Gloves should be worn when handling the reagent.  In the case of skin contact rinse with lots of soap and water for at least 15 minutes then seek medical attention. If reagent comes into contact with eyes flush with water for 15 minutes and seek immediate medical attention. Neutralize any spilled reagent on surrounding surfaces with baking soda.

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2ml (20-40), 4ml (40-80), 10ml (100-200)

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