CleanWeed Sugar/Brix Test x3

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Set of 3 CleanWeed tests to check plant material for sugar/ brix content.

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Set of 3 CleanWeed tests to check plant material for sugar/brix content.


Unfortunately, some plant manufacturers and distributors soak the dry product with a high concentration of sugar solution to dry again and increase weight by 10-15%.


“Shooting” and turning into a stone while burning ash. Smoke may be caramelized on the way to the lungs, which can lead to lung collapse.

CleanWeed is a set of 3 tests for the content of sugar in the plant material (table sugar, fructose, glucose, etc.) and brix. The intensity of the colorimetric reaction indicates whether more or less dopants are added to the plant.

The stronger the coloring of the reaction (orange), the more dopants are in the plant material.


  • 1x liquid reagent
  • 1x testing vial
  • 1x set of instructions

cleanweed test result

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