How to use a reagent test kit?

How to use a reagent test kit: if you intend to use a synthetic psychoactive substance, first you need a test kit to check it for adulterants. Chemicals can’t be identified by appearence. To test use reagent tests like Marquis, Mecke and Froehde in single-use or multiple-use test kits. Using a set with different reagents helps detect adulterants – 90% will react with 1 out of 3 reagents, and 95% with 1 out of 5.

How to test drugs using reagent tests? [BASICS]

Reagents presumptively indicate PRESENCE, but not PURITY or QUANTITY. A positive or negative test result does not mean that the substance is safe. No substance is 100% safe.

What test kit do I need?

Any powderprimary test – Marquis
primary test – Froehde
secondary test – Mecke
Blotterprimary test – Ehrlich
secondary test – Hofmann

How should I use a reagent test kit?

BEFORE using a reagent test kit

  • It’s RECOMMENDED to record the reaction to compare later

STEP ONE for testing powder/crystal

  • Take and finely crush a small piece, no bigger than a head of a needle – like this •.
  • Put it on a suitable testing plate, preferably a spot test plate or the bottom/underside of a ceramic mug (example). *If using single-use vials insert the sample and observe, as the reagent is already within.
  • Add one (or two) drops of Marquis reagent test on the sample and wait for the results.

How to use a reagent test kit?


  • Injecting. If you inject you especially need to test each and every dose for fentanyl. It’s best to test the spoon (or cooker) residue.
  • Fizzing. Any synthetic drug in a form of salt will bubble with most reagent tests, which are strong acids. If you see only fizzing instead of color change, that can indicate presence of a new psychoactive substance.
  • Speed of the reaction does not indicate quantity nor purity. However, if you are having trouble interpreting your result try using a bigger sample or crushing it better before testing.
  • How many tests can you get from one test kit? A multiple-use test kit lasts up to 100 (5 ml) or 200 (10 ml) tests. Each drop equals one test. A single use-test kit contains 2 disposable ampoules (2 tests).
Safer In Nightlife Reagent Test Kit
Safer In Nightlife Reagent Test Kit

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Reagent test kit did not react as indicated? Watch out!
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