If you are looking for a guide on how to test drugs fast and easy, look no further.
Try colorimetric spot test kits – commonly used forensic testing reagents.

Colorimetric tests are simple chemical reagents to use with a grain of a suspect substance.
By changing colors they determine what substance is present, but not quantity or purity.
Most popular reagents are: Marquis, Mecke, Mandelin, Liebermann, Froehde, Simon’s, Robadope, Scott, Ehrlich and Hofmann (Ehrlich-TS, modified).

These are the same tests as the police carry.
Always remain skeptical regarding test results, because colors are not always unique.
Any kind of unexpected reaction indicates that the sample does NOT contain what was assumed.

Always use reagents in a kit!
Using multiple reagents you increase the precision of analysis.
A test kit gives a chance of detecting an adulterant and seriously reduces the margin of error.

Remember, using psychoactive substances always carries a risk.
The most dangerous substance is an unknown substance.

Check the instructions how to test drugs!

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