How to test an unknown substance or RCs?

To test an unknown substance always use more than 1 test, because there are more substances than colors. Tests presumptively indicate PRESENCE, but not PURITY or QUANTITY. A positive or negative test result does not mean, that the substance is safe. No substance is 100% safe.


  1. Crush onto a clean surface (e.g. bottom of a mug) a sample no bigger than a pin head
    PILL – finely crush a small piece, about 1/20th
    BLOTTER – cut no more than 1/10th, the smallest easily visible piece
    LIQUID – Pour a drop on unbleached paper or ceramics and dry before testing
    PLANT – is good only for testing with fentanyls test strips (or in a laboratory)
  2. In good light pour 1 drop of a test onto your sample
    SUBSTANCE COLOR might slightly distort results
    A SAMPLE SIZE might react differently than smaller
  3. Compare the first 10-60 seconds of a reaction with flyers
    FLYERS are available at
    APPS available at for web browsers and Android devices can help interpret results
    RECOMMENDED – record reaction to compare later

Pour baking soda over a finished reaction to neutralize used reagents. Your pipes (and environment) will thank you!



  • Start with Ehrlich and Hofmann which differentiate indoles (e.g. tryptamines, lysergamides, including DMT, LSD) from more dangerous synthetic psychedelics like DOx, NBOMe, NBOH or 2C-x
    • Pay attention that other reagents will charcoal blotter paper and LSD will not react (EROWID)
  • IN CASE OF NO REACTION try more corrosive reagents (at least Marquis, Mecke)
  • It’s best to use as many different reagents as possible – we recommend the LSD Test Kit
  • If you have the slightest doubt, test for fentanyls presence using Fentanyls SIN Test Kit




  • Don’t even try reagent tests, they won’t work without TLC analysis
  • If you have the slightest doubt, test for fentanyls presence using Fentanyls SIN Test Kit

A test did (not) react as indicated? Watch out!

If you want to detect an admixture of PMA/PMMA, Meth/Amphetamine, Nor/Mephedrone or other I/II amine use Robadope and Simon’s (included in the AMHETAMINES Test Kit or MDMA Test Kit). To detect all adulterants try a TLC Kit or laboratory analysis. If you have the slightest doubt, test fentanyls presence using Fentanyls SIN Test

Send in an unknown substance to a laboratory: (US) (World / Spain)